New Updates to the Swimmingly® Platform

Building a ONE-STOP-SHOP for a simple swim season!

Swimmingly® App
Swimmingly® App

Start, time, officiate, and score your swim meets with fewer volunteers and no paper!

Swimmingly® Clubhouse
Swimmingly® Clubhouse

Manage your team, schedule swim meets, set your meet entries and much MORE!


Live Results for every parent & coach on your team. Best of all, it's included in your Swimmingly® membership!

Clubhouse Updates

Clubhouse Updates

Team Communication

Create announcements in-app in the Clubhouse as well as sending email notifications to your families.
Choose whether your announcements can be replied to via email or not.
Team Communication

Premium Club Registration

Included at no additional cost! Setup your club's registration dues and begin receiving payments from your swim families!
Clubs using Registration can:
  • Opt-into Premium Club Registration - your team can collect family registration dues right on the Swimmingly® Platform.
  • Create additional checkout items for your swim families
  • Registration is your club's to use at NO ADDITIONAL COST
  • Customize waiver templates & get started in minutes!
Premium Club Registration

Premium Club Registration Feature Updates

The Premium Club Registration feature just got better with the following feature updates:
  • Direct hyperlinks in the waivers
    • Insert any hyperlinks in the waivers for parents to easily navigate
  • Real-Time waiver updates
    • Edit the waivers and view edits in the Preview in Step 4 of Registration in immediately
  • Guardian Receipts
    • When guardians register their swimmers, they will have access to their receipts in the Payment History tab
  • Update Registration Report in Step 6 of Registration
    • The registration report now includes a transaction tab will the details of every transaction through Premium Club Registration!

Swimmingly Academy

Free courses for any role in swimmingly!
  • Train & certify anyone in any role involved with your swim team
  • Successfully delegate by instructing staff, volunteers, and parents to take a Swimmingly Academy course!
simple graduation cap clip art in navy blue

Swimmingly® Customer Support Tab

Need some extra help? Learn where to find help, contact the Swimmingly® Team, provide feedback, and join the Swimmingly® Facebook Community!
  • Find your profile in the top right of your Clubhouse screen
  • The support tab will provide you with links and additional information to support all your Swimmingly® needs
Swimmingly® Customer Support Tab

Roster Sorting

Sort your roster 
  • Select the header to sort your roster by:
    • Swimmer ID
    • Last Name
    • Birthdate/Age
    • Gender
  • Easily customize the view of your roster
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.31.16 PM

Promote Parents/Guardians to Club Admin

Easily promote a parent/guardian to a club admin role
  • League and Club Admins can promote parents/guardians to the club or league admins based on your permission level.
  • Club & League admins can promote/demote any user in their organization based on your team's needs.
  • Complete meet declarations for the swimmer atthe discretion of your coach
Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2-02-51 PM-png

View Swimmer ID as a Guardian

After registering a swimmer, guardians will be able to view the swimmer ids
  • After registering your swimmer, guardians will be able to easily view their swimmers' IDs.
  • The guardian will write the swimmer IDs on their Swimmers shoulders with a grease pen prior to the meet!
Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 10-18-24 AM-png

Entries Enhancement

Completing entries in Swimmingly® is even easier and more intuitive!
  • Visibly see how many swimmers have been entered and how many individual, relay, and exhibitions entries have been made
  • Select the swimmer to view their Swimmer Details and complete official and exhibition entries
  • View the swimmers' times before entering them in the event in BY SWIMMER entries
  • Responsive entries - say goodbye to the delay!
Entries Enhancement

Swimmingly® Updates Tab

See any new updates, upcoming updates, and bug fixes all from your user profile.
  • Find your profile in the top right of your Clubhouse screen
  • This tab will provide you will all recent bug fixes, features, and updates.
  • See all features and updates the Swimmingly® Team is developing
Swimmingly® Updates Tab

Enhanced Parent Navigation

Navigating the Swimmingly Clubhouse as a parent has never been easier - on mobile too!
  • Easily access the meet schedule
  • Appropriate boxes collapsed based on particular point in the season
  • Streamlined, mobile-friendly navigation
  • Simple meet declarations and results access
Enhanced Parent Navigation

EZ Swimmer Sign-Up v2

We've made it even easier for parents/guardians to create a Swimmingly® Clubhouse account:
  • Returning Parents/Guardians can simply login, select their club, & click the upcoming season to sign-up their swimmers!
  • We've streamlined the process for a new parent/guardian to sign-up and made instructions simpler for club admins. Any parent/guardian for your team can create an account in a matter of seconds.
  • New email? New users? No problem? Easily invite spouse, grandparents, etcto any swimmer with which your account is affiliated.
 EZ Swimmer Sign-Up v2
 EZ Swimmer Sign-Up v2

Guardians can invite other users

Need to add another guardian to your swimmer's profile in the Clubhouse? Want to invite the grandparents? Easily invite other users to join your swimmer's profile in the Clubhouse:
  • View the swimmer's profile including best times, time improvements & visualize your swimmer's progression in every race
  • View meet results & historical times & results
  • Complete meet declarations for the swimmer atthe discretion of your coach
Guardians can invite other users

Meet Declarations v2

Meet declarations have already been expanded! We've made it easier to invite multiple guardians for each of your swimmers so that any guardian can complete meet declarations:
  • Meet declarations now a club-by-club feature. Choose your meet declarations functionality independently of what the other clubs choose to do for any given meet
  • Opt for 'declarations only' or allow your parents to select the individual events they'd like their swimmers to contest
  • es can extend the meet declarations deadline at anytime & have final review of entries after the deadline has closed
 Meet Declarations v2


If your club pays the Swimmingly® membership "by club" with your club's card on file, a friendly club invoice will be automatically generated in real-time during the season for all swimmer sign-ups:
  • Easily track each swimmer sign-up & transaction
  • Quickly visualize and reconcile any outstanding Swimmingly® membership payments during the season
  • If your club has the parents pay the Swimmingly® membership directly, parents/guardians will have their own invoice & record of payment transactions

League Leaderboard

League admins have early access to the Swimmingly® Leaderboard (Beta):
  • League admins can easily run any league-wide times report for any event!
  • The Swimmingly® Leaderboard helps league admins determine top times, seeding for championship meets & more!
  • Coming soon - the National Leaderboard. Compare/connect/compete on the leaderboard against any Swimmingly® team across the country!
League Leaderboard

Swimmingly® Help Center

Looking to learn more about how the Swimmingly® Platform works? Dive in deeper here:
  • Extensive knowledge base online for the Clubhouse, iOS & Android Swimmingly® apps, and iOS & Android SwimminglyFan apps.
  • Self-service in depth knowledge and tutorials at your disposal!
  • Supplement your club's training with deep dives into your tools on the Swimmingly® Platform.
  • Now available here!
Swimmingly® Help Center

SwimminglyFan Updates

Manage Your Follows

Easily manage your follows from the home screen of SwimminglyFan:
  • Easily unfollow clubs from your home screen
  • Easily unfollow swimmers from your home screen
Manage Your Follows

Parent/Guardian Clubhouse Accounts Synch to SwimminglyFan

when new parentS/guardians create a swimmingly clubhouse account, a swimminglyfan account will automatically be created with the same credentials
  • Any new parents on the Swimmingly Clubhouse, will automatically have an account created for them on SwimminglyFan
  • Login to SwimminglyFan with the same credentials and then follow your swimmers!
SwimminglyFan app Image

Swimmingly® App Updates

Swimmingly Version 11!

  • This has been 10 years in the making and is a game changer for the swim meet experience.
  • Huddle the Starter, Timers, and Stroke & Turn Judges by scanning the QR-Code.
  • Significant performance improvements for each role
  • Support for Android devices
To learn more about the benefits of Swimmingly v11, click HERE!
Swimmingly Version 10!

Support for the Latest Versions of iOS & Android

Swimmingly® now supports the latest version's of iOS and Android (iOS 16 & Android 12)
  • Refer to the device compatibility page for more details
Support for the Latest Versions of  Android
Support for the Latest Versions of iOS

Your Role Identified at All Times

Once your volunteers select their role, they'll see it visible at the top of their device at all times:
  • Helpful during the huddle as you ensure each volunteer selects the correct role
  • Each volunteer can easily confirm role during huddle & begin a test race
  • Available now
Your Role Identified at All Times

Scorekeeper Set-Up

The Scorekeeper now includes two key checkpoint screens to remind you to take action at the right time:
  • Reminds the Scorekeeper to connect to the internet to sync to the latest version of your meet schedule
  • Reminds the Scorekeeper to connect to the Swimmingly® WiFi on the pool deck before the huddle
Scorekeeper Set-Up

Scorekeeper Meet Details Confirmation Screen

The Scorekeeper now includes a pre-meet details confirmation screen:
  • Shows you the clubs competing in the meet.
  • Shows you the event order
  • Allows you to confirm your meet details before proceeding!
  • Available on v9 of Swimmingly app!
Scorekeeper Meet Details Confirmation Screen

Timer - Haptic Feedback

We've heard your feedback, "It would be cool to have the 'feel' of a stopwatch to know when you've stopped the clock without looking at your screen":
  • Haptic enabled iOS and Android timers will now provide a haptic response upon stopping your timer's clock!
  • Shows you the event order
  • Allows you to confirm your meet details before proceeding!
  • Available on v9 of Swimmingly app!
Timer - Haptic Feedback

Scorekeeper - Drag & Drop Events or Heats

Need to move an event to the correct event? Need to move individual records within a heat between events? Drag & Drop with ease:
  • Rather than manually adding the heat record in the desired event, then delete the old record, simply drag & drop to the desired event!
  • Drag entire heats to the correct event OR drag individual records within a heat to the desired event!
  • A long tap + hold will on the heat number will enable drag & drop for the whole heat!
  • A long tap + hold on the individual record within a heat will drag the individual record to a new event!
  • Available on v9 of Swimmingly app!

Check back here for updates!