David  Basile

Swimmingly is well ahead of the curve. It provides pure automation and allows swim meets to be paperless. Paper doesn't belong on pool decks.

David Basile Head Swim Coach
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

The Customer

Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Swim Team is one of 22 swim teams in PG County. For the past 30 years, the PG County Swim League has been run the same way.


David is the head swim coach at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland. He is passionate about improving the swim meet experience for everyone involved in PG County.

The Challenge

Stressful & inflexible swim meets

The current system that other teams in PG County uses is a hodgepodge of different ways to run a swim meet. Most teams use stopwatches, paper, and pencil and either manually score the meets or use meet manager. There is a lack of organization and the swim meets are stressful and time consuming.


In high school swimming, you can pre-seed the heat sheet but everything can be switched real-time. You can place a swimmer in any heat and event as the meet is running. With the old system, there would be so much confusion and manual work to accommodate these real-time changes.

Swimmingly makes meet operation so much easier. The best part is the flexibility and live scoring. Manual scoring takes forever and people do it wrong. With Swimmingly, swimmers can swim anywhere and we always know the accurate score.

The Solution

Immediate results & a great volunteer experience

With Swimmingly, everything is instantaneous. We no longer need a parent sitting at the table and writing everything down. We have immediate results, constant scoring updates, and an unmatched flexibility.


It is a relief that all the start times are synchronized. Everyone's clocks start at the same time and all you have to do is tap the screen to stop the time. It is so easy to find volunteers because they would rather hold a device and tap a screen than write on paper. We have current swimmers and students wanting to time and explaining the process to parent volunteers.

We use heat sheets but encounter a lot of real-time changes on the pool deck. The system works great. When a swimmers asks where they can swim, I say "Wherever you want!"

The Result

An adaptable system with live results

Once the meet is over, I publish the results and I am done. In the past, I would have to wait 30 minutes for the results to be posted and the scores to be available. You do not need to spend that amount of time after a meet and Swimmingly makes it so easy.


When we run meets against other high school swim teams that don't use Swimmingly, they absolutely love the system. They end up manually writing results off of the Scorekeeper's iPad rather than the paper timing cards.


The first meet was a learning experience but by the second meet the system ran seamlessly. I hate inefficiency. Swimmingly makes everything more efficient. The swim meets are more enjoyable for everyone involved.

I am a huge proponent for everything Swimmingly does. I save so much time and I can actually coach my swimmers during the meet. Swimmingly makes everything better.

Swim Meets, Made Simple


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