Eric Bjorkquist

Swimmingly is so easy to use, it works, and it makes sense. I was skeptical at first, but after our first meet I understood how much better it is. Everyone should use Swimmingly.

Eric Bjorkquist, Aquatics Director
YMCA of the Triangle

The Customer

YMCA of the Triangle

The YMCA of the Triangle is a summer swim league comprised fully of YMCA teams. The summer team's main focus is to be a fun league that gets kids ready for year-round swimming.


As the aquatic director of the branch, Eric oversees the summer swim team staff and plays an integral role in the operations of each swim meet.

The Challenge

Learning and teaching a complicated and not intuitive system

The YMCA of the Triangle used to use Hytek and Meet Manager paired with the Dolphin timing system before coming to Swimmingly. Although Meet Manager is a comprehensive system, it is incredibly hard to use and it is not intuitive.


Summer swimming is comprised of parent volunteers that do not have the time to learn a complex system and with such a short season, it isn't worth it. Swimmingly is so intuitive and easy for our parent volunteers and staff to learn.


Other systems can get complicated when you need software licenses and you need to constantly update the software. Swimmingly is web-based which is amazing.

Swimmingly is so easy to use. It makes sense and it has the functionalities that we need for summer swimming. Swimmingly does summer swimming very, very well.

The Solution

Simple & Intuitive Software for our Swim Meets

We have eliminated at least 5 volunteers since switching to Swimmingly. We don't need to have volunteers spend time after the meet to input times. A staff member will just spend 15 minutes and check the results and publish. We spend the most time on sticking ribbon labels.


Each team has access to their own results and ribbon labels. We no longer have to worry about printing results and ribbon labels for visiting teams. The live results on SwimminglyFan is amazing for our parents and the scores are visible to everyone.


The first time I used Swimmingly, it was easy to learn and I noticed immediate results. It has been a game changer for our entire league.

At first I was skeptical because I thought "who is going to do this better?" But Swimmingly is so much better. If you use it for one meet, you will understand how much easier it is.

The Result

Faster Swim Meets, Fewer Volunteers, and No Paper

Our biggest complaint from members with summer swimming is that the meets take too long. With Swimmingly our meets run almost 2 hours faster than before. The ability to combine heats on the go so easily is a huge reason we can run meets so quickly. When you take into staff salaries, pool time, members getting upset, and more time to flip the pool for non-summer swimming members, this time saved is huge.


We save a lot of time outside of the meet as well. Entries and meet set-up has never been easier and is very efficient. We save about 2 hours after the meet and the other teams can access everything and run their own reports.


Swimmingly is easy, it works, and it makes sense. I couldn't recommend it more.

All YMCA teams should use Swimmingly. You will see immediate results and will be so thankful you chose Swimmingly. Just do it.

Swim Meets, Made Simple


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