Roland Stanger

Swimmingly has completely evolved our league. We save so much time and reduce so much stress on meet day. We will never go back to the old system.

Roland Stanger, Meet Manager and Technical Advisor
Private Country Club Athletic League

The Customer

Private Country Club Athletic League

The Private Country Club Athletic League (PCCAL) is a summer swim league comprised of 6 country club swim teams. They are a hybrid of between developmental and a formal competitive league with most of the older swimmers being year-round competitive swimmers.


The PCCAL runs a 6 week dual meet cycle with a final championship meet at Ohio State University. Roland is a long term meet manager and technical advisor. He is also the Swimmingly Admin for the league.

The Challenge

Finding qualified meet managers to run a complicated system

The Private Country Club Athletic League ran HyTek's Meet Manager and Team Manager using Colorado Timing's Dolphin system. Using the HyTek system was creating a lot of frustration and the Dolphin Timers were in need of an update. HyTek is not user friendly and there is virtually no training to learn the complicated system. It was becoming more and more difficult to find qualified meet managers to run HyTek


In the Spring of 2020, we were concerned about having to run the summer season through virtual meets. We chose to switch to Swimmingly to run real-time virtual meets. If we were to run virtual meets using HyTek we would have to run separate sessions and spend hours combining the meets on the back end.

The ability to run virtual meets using Swimmingly saved our summer season during the pandemic and we have not looked back since. There is no better way to run a virtual OR in-person swim meet.

The Solution

Flexible & Intuitive Software for our Swim Meets

Since our summer league is a hybrid developmental and competitive swim league, our meets used to be very hectic. With Swimmingly we are able to have swimmers swim in any lane with no issue. It has eliminated the stress of swimmers missing their race or swimming in the wrong lane.


As a league overall, considering we have zero staffed positions for meet managers and timers, it is solely volunteer based with a very high turnover. Swimmingly is incredibly user friendly and there is a helpful training suite that makes sure you are over prepared for your swim meets.

It was very simple for our league to make the decision to switch to Swimmingly. The app is so user friendly especially for Timers and Stroke and Turn Judges that it has never been easier to find volunteers.

The Result

Faster Swim Meets, Less Stress, and Meet Flexibility

Using Swimmingly to run our swim meets drastically reduces meet day stress for our coaches and parent volunteers. The adaptability that Swimmingly provides is very convenient. We no longer have to stress about every swimmer being in the right place. It is very important to have this level of flexibility at summer swim meets.


Every year there seems to be a scheduling conflict and out of the 18 dual meets, one meet always seems to end up having to be run virtually. Swimmingly makes it so easy to run a virtual meet when we need to. In the past, things would have needed to be rescheduled and worked out whereas now, we can just run the meet virtually.


Our timer meetings are much quicker and the overall meet run time is much shorter. We no longer have to stop, troubleshoot, and fix data issues that we were experiencing with HyTek.

It can be challenging and uncomfortable to learn a whole new system, but there are way more pros than cons to switching to Swimmingly. It is monumentally better than our old system. The perfect solution for summer leagues

Swim Meets, Made Simple


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