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Swimmingly is just so easy to use and learn. Our coaches and volunteers love the system. Our swim meets have never gone smoother. If we have any questions, the Swimmingly Team has been so easy to work with and are so responsive.

Pat Kerrigan, Life Time Aquatics Program Coordinator
New Jersey Swimming LSC

The Customer

Life Time North America

All Life Time swim teams are Swimmingly Teams. Life Time leagues and teams use the Swimmingly Platform to manage their teams, run their swim meets, and evaluate their team's progress.


Life Time runs national meets where all Life Time teams run a meet virtually and the results are compiled nationally.


Most Life Time teams use Swimmingly to run meets for their developmental swimmers.


The Challenge

Downloading a complicated software and restrictive meets

Most Life Time teams used TeamUnify and Meet Manager to run their swim meets. Every Life Time location would need to download a software onto a laptop supplied by Life Time. Not all Life Times had a laptop that the software would download on. This would require assistance from the IT team. Once the software is downloaded, someone would need to sit at the laptop for the entire meet and hours after inputting each individual time.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, USA meets were not being run. With Swimmingly, we were able to run virtual meets. This kept our swimmers in the water racing and we can continue to compete on a national level easily.

Our volunteers love using Swimmingly. They can understand the process quickly and love that the Swimmingly App makes their job at the swim meet so easy.

The Solution

An easy to learn platform and immediate results

With over 115 teams learning a new program and process to run swim meets, you would expect the transition to Swimmingly to be difficult. This was not the case. We were able to host a training with the Swimmingly Team and each location was able to use and understand the Swimmingly Platform quickly.


The ease of results is amazing. Once the swim meet is finished, all our coaches have to do is review the results and publish them to the Clubhouse. They are done with the meet within minutes. Our parents and swimmers love the SwimminglyFan app for live results. The swimmer immediately knows their time and parents know when their swimmer is swimming and how well they did instantely.

Swimmingly is VERY user friendly. It is so easy and once you get the hang of it, everything goes very smoothly. The online tutorials are very helpful and the Swimmingly Team is VERY helpful and responsive with any questions that our teams have.

The Result

An adaptable system with live results

We immediately noticed the results from switching to Swimmingly. We had few minor user errors and we were able to correct the errors quickly. Once the Swimmingly Platform's functionalities were explained and our locations were able to try it out, they knew how to use it and loved it. My favorite thing about Swimmingly is the ease of the system. Any new parent can volunteer easily and have an enjoyable experience at the swim meet.


League operations have never been easier. When we do things on a national scale we are bring over 115 swim teams together from all over the country. We can easily access every location and the results are easily compiled. Any necessary corrections can be made efficiently.

For large summer leagues, Swimmingly just makes sense. It is so easy and it is not as expensive compared to other systems that are used to run a swim meet. Swimmingly is economically and logically the right choice.

Swim Meets, Made Simple


Questions? Email team@swimmingly.app

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