Kerri McGrath

It is so easy to run a swim meet and have immediate results with Swimmingly. I don't have to enter things into excel spreadsheets and I don't have to do any manual work. It is all just done.

Kerri McGrath, Coaches Aquatics Coordinator
Highlands Ranch Community Association

The Customer

Highlands Ranch Swim Team

The Highlands Ranch Community Association is located near Denver, Colorado.


Post-covid the HRCA started their competitive aquatics program from the ground up. HRCA is a place for kids that want to learn how to swim and see their improvements without having to make the time commitment to travel.

The Challenge

Learning and teaching an outdated system and finding enough willing volunteers each week

The Highlands Ranch Community Association had access to the Colorado Timing System but leadership decided that we did not want to tackle learning an outdated system and then teaching it to our volunteers and employees.


HRCA operates month to month and they have a lot of swimmer and coach turn over. We try to run weekly time trials in practice and then a bigger inter-squad meet once a quarter. These meets and time trials took way longer than necessary and required a lot of extra work from my coaches and the parent volunteers. We had a lot of difficulty finding enough volunteers.

When we did it all on paper, we would send home scoresheet after scoresheet to the parents who then would have to hand write the ribbons. We have saved hours by being able to print them with Swimmingly.

The Solution

Simple & Intuitive Software for our Swim Meets

We have saved hours each meet from being able to print ribbon labels immediately after the meet alone. Once the meet is over, we publish the results to the Clubhouse and print the ribbon labels and we are done.


We have reduced the number of volunteers needed by half. We only need one timer behind each lane and have eliminated the runner role. Our parents loved being able to time using their devices or the devices we provide.


The system is very flexible so the transition to Swimmingly was very easy. We save so much time by combining events and can throw a swimmer into an event last minute with no problem.

Our parents LOVE the SwimminlgyFan app. They have live results in the palm of their hand and they are notified when their swimmer is about to swim.

The Result

Faster Swim Meets, Fewer Volunteers, and No Paper

Since our coaches run time trials weekly, they have saved so much time with the entire meet process since we started using Swimmingly. They are able to easily complete entries, add swimmers on the fly to events, and combine events on the fly. Once the meet or time trial is done, they publish the results and are done.


Parents have loved being able to access all three Swimmingly platforms. They love the Clubhouse for easy registration and being able to see their swimmers' progress throughout the season. They find volunteering much more enjoyable with the Swimmingly App on their phone and their favorite thing is the live results on the SwimminglyFan app.


Swimmingly allows us to provide a fun experience for the swimmers and the parents. We will never go back to stopwatches, paper, and pencil!

Using Swimmingly is so easy, I have saved so much time, and I constantly get positive feedback from the coaches and parents. We have happy swimmers and parents all year round.

Swim Meets, Made Simple


Questions? Email team@swimmingly.app

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