If you've got a vision, it's easy to use and easy to learn. So why not execute something that maybe you've always been talking about doing?

Jordy Groters, Founder & Head Coach
Giants Aquatics Aruba

The Customer

Giants Aquatics Aruba

Giants Aquatics Aruba was founded by the Head Coach Jordy Groters in January of 2020. He started out in a pool housed by Lion Fish Swimming School, which quickly became too small. Besides this he had to navigate an ever changing world, as well as a stagnant swimming community on the island. As you can imagine this brought its various challenges and discouragement. However, as the founder believes to his core, that if you have a passion, you need to keep pushing on. For two years Jordy managed the club largely on his own.

Giants Aquatics Aruba’s mission is to improve the competitive swimming world on Aruba, by means of supporting the well-being of our athletes and their support systems, educating our athletes on safe sportsmanship and overall technique, forming a safe and inclusive community, and the overall development of our athletes and coaches as people first and athletes second.

The Challenge

Lack of Racing, Inflexible Meets, & Hours of Manual Entry

Everything was manual labor. When I wanted to run an intrasquad meet, I would set the whole meet up in another system and then manually input the results. With limited racing opportunities, running intrasquad meets is important for enjoyment, progress, and overall longevity in the sport.


Timing was always an issue at these intrasquad meets and I would have to be creative with ways to time certain events.


In intrasquad meets, flexibility is key. We would not be able to deck enter swimmers or switch swimmers out of relays.

I guess flexibility was great in the sense that we had swimmers not show up at the last minute. And so the team was able to replace them in the relay or individual events without having to go into the entries and like redo anything

The Solution

Immediate results and hours saved

We were able to activate with Swimmingly and run our first intrasquad meet within 4 days. Every aspect of Swimmingly that we used, I was able to learn quickly and feel pretty adequate with any of it.


Setting up our account and learning the app was very simple. All in all, it is very simple to understand. The parents were able to register their swimmers easily and loved being able to see their swimmers’ progress. I was able to follow along with the Swimmingly Academy courses and know exactly what to do at every stage.


The energy at our intrasquad meet was amazing. The parents and the swimmers loved the app and had so much fun!

Swimmingly is worth it. I would advise any team that it’s worth the efficiency. It's worth the ease and you're getting a good environment out of it. We were able to have our parents on deck and the kids were screaming their hearts out cheering!

The Result

Increased Racing Opportunities

With Swimmingly, we are able to offer meets anytime (and with ease). Before it would take a lot more manpower and manual labor to prepare for the meet and after the fact. With Swimmingly, we are able to allow beginners and masters especially more opportunities.


As a business, I am able to offer masters swimmers and new swimmers a more enjoyable experience with increased chances to race. I can offer more exclusive opportunities for them to race athletes of similar ages and abilities. This helps me grow the business by attracting more and more swimmers of varying levels.


Our parents and swimmers love being able to access their progress. They can see how they are progressing over time and I can review it with them.

If you've got a coach with a vision, and they want to run a competition a certain way, they want to organize a league a certain way. This is their chance to just have that power in the palm of their hands. So the advice is if you've got a vision, it's easy to use and easy to learn.

Swim Meets, Made Simple


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