Mark  Bowler

We are committed to Swimmingly. Swimmingly saves us an insane amount of time before, during, and after the meet. We will NEVER go back to stopwatches and paper and pencil!

Mark Bowler, League President
Greenville Area Summer Swim League

The Customer

Greenville Area Summer Swim League

The Greenville Area Summer Swim League is located in Greenville, North Carolina. There are 11 summer teams with 50-100 swimmers on each team.


The Greenville Area Summer Swim League had its first season in 1999.

The Challenge

Juggling multiple systems and running swim meets with stopwatches, paper, and pencil

The Greenville Area Summer Swim League has been using Swimmingly for 5 years. Prior to using Swimmingly, we used meet manager and ran our meets with stopwatches, paper, and pencil.


Getting someone who knows how to do meet manager is such a pain. Summer swimming is run by parent volunteers and it is too much to ask a parent to learn the complicated system.


The pool deck was becoming more and more crowded due to the increased number of volunteers needed to run a smooth swim meet. We would spend hours teaching volunteers and it was a frustrating process for everyone involved.

Summer swimming is run by parent volunteers. Having a parent learn meet manager and use the complicated system during a swim meet is just not going to happen.

The Solution

Simple & Intuitive Software for our Swim Meets

The flexibility that Swimmingly provides during the swim meet is amazing. Summer swimming is unpredictable. You need to be able to just throw a kid into an event and Swimmingly makes that super easy to do.


Getting parents to learn something new can be hard, but most parents are new to swimming and need to learn the volunteer role in swim meets anyways. Teaching them something on their phones is way easier than teaching them something archaic. Recruiting volunteers has never been easier and we have reduced the number we need by about 4-7 volunteers depending on the swim meet.

We fully embraced the transition to Swimmingly because NO ONE wants to go back to stopwatches, paper, and pencil. The commitment level by parents and the teams has increased each year that we use the Swimmingly App.

The Result

Faster Swim Meets, Fewer Volunteers, and No Paper

Swimmingly has been a game changer for our swim league. The time required pre and post meet is super easy and has reduced significantly. The ability for parents to submit meet declarations is my favorite feature that Swimmingly provides. It makes it incredibly easy to complete meet entries and ensure that all swimmers are in the maximum number of possible events.


With a stopwatch, if parents accidentally stop the watch, there is no way to go back and get the correct time. With Swimmingly, the parents can make mistakes and the clock is still running. They never miss a start and everything is so flexible that our meets have never been smoother.


Swimmingly allows us to provide a fun experience for the swimmers and the parents. We will never go back to stopwatches, paper, and pencil!

All summer leagues and teams should give Swimmingly a try. After your first practice meet, you will be a pro!

Swim Meets, Made Simple


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