Using Swimmingly for our team registration is a really seamless process. It has saved me and my team’s parents hours. I encourage all teams to use Swimmingly for registration.

Melissa Milsom, League President
Briar Chapel - Chapel Hill Summer Swim League

The Customer

Briar Chapel

Briar Chapel is a country club in the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League. The team competes in 6 dual meets each season. At the end of the year, Briar Chapel will participate in a championship meet against all teams in the league. They have 150-200 swimmers register for the swim team each year.


Melissa Milsom is the president of the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League and the Parent Rep for Briar Chapel.

The Challenge

Manual & Tedious Financial Management

Before switching to Swimmingly for our team registration, our registration process was very very manual. I would have to collect hundreds of checks and deposit them with our HOA. I had to closely manage all the financials for the swim team in a very archaic process.


We had this tedious and manual registration process and then parents would also have to register with Swimmingly. This was very confusing for our parents and doubled the work for both myself and our swim team’s parents. The parents were frustrated because they went through the tedious manual process and then had to go somewhere else to register. It was confusing and frustrating.

We were doubling the work for everyone involved. The parents were very confused and frustrated. I would spend hours collecting checks and depositing them with the HOA.

The Solution

A One-Stop-Shop

When we started using Swimmingly for our registration, I immediately saved hours. I wanted to take the manual process out of my hands. We were already using Swimmingly for all of our meets. It made sense once I saw the registration process to move over to Swimmingly and give our parents a one-stop shop to access everything. Having a one-stop shop is definitely where I would like to stay. I can speak for the other teams in our league as well.


Our parents have told me that they love only having one place to go for the swim team. It is incredibly straightforward to register their swimmers, fill out any waivers and purchase any additional checkout items.

The parents who were in the previous process and have experienced the Premium Club Registration have told me how much they LOVE the change. Having only one place to go is a game changer and makes everything so much simpler.

The Result

Time Saved and Happy Parents

I usually open registration in early March and then registration would go through the end of April. I would take all the checks that were dropped at my house, enter them into Excel, bundle everything up and take them to the HOA. I was spending 5+ hours a week for those 6 weeks. It was incredibly manual intensive. I would not be doing this job anymore if I still had to do that.


With Premium Club Registration on Swimmingly, I don’t have to do anything. I set up the registration and customized the waivers, club dues, and checkout items for our club quickly and everything is out of my hands. Our parents can quickly register their swimmers and I can generate a registration report to track how registration is going. Our team loves it.

I have no complaints about Premium Club Registration. Our parents love it, I save so much time, and there is only one place to go for our swim team. I’d recommend Premium to any team.

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