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What I Miss About Being A Swim Mom

Thanks to Amy Hamil for contributing.


When you’re a Swim Mom, there are some things you know you will miss.

You know some day you will miss cheering proudly from the stands as your swimmers go best times. You’ll know you’ll miss watching your swimmers improve and achieve things they thought were impossible; and the fact that they look up in the stands to you before each race, smile, and give a thumbs up—A thumbs up that says, “I’m ready; I got this; thanks for being here for me; and I love you” all in one.  And you know you’ll miss hugging your swimmer after disappointing swims—swims that broke their hearts and crushed their dreams, or so they thought.


But when you’re a Swim Mom, there are things you don’t realize you’re going to miss.


You forget to remember that one day you’ll miss the long car rides to swim meets. The ones where you listen to their favorite songs to pump them up, and embarrass them by knowing the lyrics. The hours those car rides gave you to talk, and learn about your swimmer’s life and friends. You forget to remember that one day you’ll miss seeing their tired faces and messy bed-heads climb into your car so you can drive them to morning practice, even if it is at 5 A.M. When you’ve been sitting at the pool all day long for a meet and your back is starting to hurt, you forget to remember that these aches, too, are something you will miss one day. And as frustrating as finding half-eaten bananas and leaking Power Gels in their bags is, one day you will miss helping them unload their wet towels so they can go to bed faster. You forget to remember you’ll miss the crammed hotel rooms, and watching their favorite TV shows—probably Disney Channel. You forget to remember you’ll miss the hot, sweaty days at summer league meets–watching your swimmer run around with friends, “Eat My Bubbles” written in sharpie on their backs. You miss things you didn’t realize you cherished so much.


So, before you aren’t a Swim Mom anymore, remember to enjoy each and every part of it, because before you know it, your Swim Mom days will come to an end. Luckily, memories last forever.