Swimmingly™ Portable PA & Starter


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With Swimmingly™, timers never have to start their clocks again. Every lane timer receives a hands-free, synchronized start. Now, seamlessly integrate the “start tone” from your Swimmingly™ Starter device with this unit to amplify the start across every lane!

Compact, portable, and loud! Running on a battery OR plugged in, this solution addresses your starting needs for a fraction of the cost of a traditional start system. Because the Swimmingly™ Starter’s device broadcast the “start tone”, the starter now uses this Portable PA & Starter to amplify every start directly from his/her iOS device.

Separate audio line for microphone (microphone & mic XLR cable included).

Additionally solves PA needs (addressing crowd, National Anthem, for use at banquet or practice). The clarity and loudness of the unit makes it an effective solution for more than just starting your swim meets!

Swimmingly™ Portable PA System includes everything you need out of the box:

  1. Portable PA unit. Loud enough for your swim meet!
  2. Just plug your Starter device into the Portable PA. Swimmingly™ app includes the starting “tone” for each race!
  3. Microphone and xlr cable included for Starter.
  4. Excellent battery life (manufacturer states 12 hours). Unit can be used in battery-mode or while charging. 6 hour recharge time.
  5. Multiple audio line control: Adjust tone of the start and Starter’s mic separately for optimal volume at your swimming pool!
  6. Integrated stand mounting with 35mm pole socket for any universal socket for tripod or stand (not included).

Product includes:

  1. Retractable luggage-style handle & sturdy wheels provide effortless transport.
  2. Power cord.
  3. High quality dynamic microphone (on/off switch) & xlr cable (12 ft).
  4. 3.5mm to RCA gold plated cable to integrate Stater’s iOS device (10 ft).
  5. 3.5mm to lightning adapter for your iOS device
  6. Warranty from OEM.

Dimensions & Weight of the Swimmingly™ Portable PA & Starter:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 16 (inches)
  • Weight:  24 lb

Additional information

Weight24.0 lbs
Dimensions14.6 × 12.2 × 20.8 in