In-Person Training for your league


We will come to your league if you want additional in-person training. We will entertain, educate, and leave your volunteers with a strong sense of “why” the transition to Swimmingly™ will lead to a more relaxing and fun season! Your Swimmingly™ in-person training includes:

  1. Swimmingly™ representative on-site for a 2-hour training presentation, Q&A, and hands-on learning.
  2. Specific training for the Swimmingly™ app.
  3. Specific training for the Swimmingly™ Clubhouse.
  4. No audience limit (venue permitting).

The result of this training is your key volunteers or staff members feeling the backing of the Swimmingly™ support team. Parents and volunteers can now rest easy with the Swimmingly™ support team as a friendly guide before, during, and after your season. This event is not limited to new teams/leagues!

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