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Swimmingly Testimonials

“Swimmingly greatly improved our overall meet management system. Our swim meets ran faster, required less volunteers, and our swimmers could track their times. We highly recommend other teams switch to Swimmingly next summer!”
Joe Watts
Harmony Swim Team

I am very impressed with how easy this is to use via an iPhone / iPad based swim meet application. They are able to combine the Starter, Timer, Judge, Scorekeeper, and overall meet cohesiveness into one application. It was efficient, and quite flexible in incorporating swimmer changes, heat consolidations, timing, all in a paperless environment. This system is mainly used for summer league type of events and training timers, staters, and judges is very easy. I am a Stroke & Turn Judge and no paperwork was needed. It is all iPad based and very easy to use. Not to mention, it's nice to see smiles on the Starter and Timers faces. Scoring is complete right after the last heat was swum. Swimmingly makes it even easier in recruiting parents to volunteer and help with our swim meets. It is easy and efficient.

Gary Jameson

Team Rep

When Swimmingly was brought to our team I was skeptical at first. I found comfort in the ways we ran meets in the past and was worried that this new technology would cause more harm than good. All of those feelings went away after our first meet. Not only did Swimmingly substantially cut my prep time down for the meets, but our meets ran smoother and more efficient. We instantly reduced volunteers needed for the meet and parents were able to get their kids time much quicker. The Swimmingly team is extremely helpful. If they weren’t able to be at the meet, they were quick to respond to an email or phone call. Our first season working with Swimmingly really was a great experience, and I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to run our meets.

Katie Humphries

Head Coach - Lakemont

Game Changer!! The team at Swimmingly has completely changed the way we run our summer swim league. We are now more efficient and more accurate thanks to the Swimmingly app. Can't wait to see what the team has in store for 2019!

Dan Berzansky

League President - Orange County Swim League

The Swimmingly program has made the swim meet experience for the athletes, parents, and coaches so much more enjoyable. The coaches and parents can now focus more on what matters, the swimmers, because of the new timing system Swimmingly has developed. They are professional and have customer service that is second to none.

Ryan Larson

Head Coach - Orange County Swim League

“I was recently a scorekeeper for a high school dual meet yesterday run the “old fashioned” way- no touch pads, manual entry of stopwatch times into Hy-Tek. I had forgotten how time consuming and inaccurate it is to do that since we’ve run summer league with Swimmingly for so long. Would have loved to have been running the meet with Swimmingly!”
Laura Carrico
League President - Williamson County Swim League

"The system has improved our ability to get the meets get done much faster. It has helped us get our meets done before dark and everyone home at a reasonable time. Additionally, their customer service is AMAZING, and always there to help us out!"

Erika Myers

Team Rep

"The volunteers absolutely love using the app. It really helps the meets go so much faster. We no longer have to wait for the Timers to reset their watches and pass along timer slips."

Moira Mitchell

Banbury Woods Swim Team

Overall, we were pleased with Swimmingly's performance and impressed with the customer service you all provided. I know the timers appreciated the new system.

Mark H.

League Rep - TSA

"Swimmingly™ helped us save SO MUCH time, paper, and frustration! The volunteers LOVED using their own phones to time, rather than the old stopwatches."

Inga Allred

Carpenter Village Swim Team

Summer Swim Team Spotlight

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Flawless Summer Swim Meets? No Way!

We all know that there aren’t many swim meets out there that go off without a hitch. One problem might lead to another and your meet is now 30 minutes behind schedule.

This recurring “little hitch” or other issues include anything from the lack of willing volunteers, broken equipment, and of course the unfavorable weather that happens to occur EVERY swim meet. These problems are sometimes unavoidable. Here is a list of a few issues that we all see regularly…

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A Guide to Fighting a Taper Funk

Photo Courtesy: Tim Binning |

So you’re a week out of your big meet. Your teammates around you are bouncing off the walls talking about how “fresh” they feel. You smile and nod, too scared to let on the secret you are holding in: you feel horrible!


First thing to do is to take a deep breath; this is one of the most common things you will experience in your swimming career – the infamous “Taper Funk” or “Taper Blues.” Odds are, some of your friends who are talking about how good they feel, might even be hiding some insecurities about their taper as well. It is all going to be okay. Here are some helpful things to apply when that doubt starts to creep up on you…

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10 Ways to Spot a Swimmer

Swimmers are a rare breed. They have the willpower to wake up before the sun rises to jump into a cold pool, and still conquer a day filled with school, work, and probably another round of practice. You’ve probably been around a swimmer (or smelled one), even if you didn’t realize it. How can you identify a swimmer if you aren’t sure? Here are 10 ways that you can easily spot a swimmer:


Wet hair.

This is usually a good indicator that you’re in the presence of a swimmer. In fact, if you’re with a female, odds are her hair is in something called a “swimmer bun” (the original, though less-fashionable, version of a “top-knot”).

Wet hair

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7 Things you will hear at a summer league swim meet

1.   “Can I get a sharpie?”


We all see the infamous sharpies flying around the pool deck and we certainly know that you can never have enough of them. At first, they are used to write down the swimmers’ events, heats, and lanes on their arms. Next thing you know, there are 8 year old sharpie tattoo artists coming out of nowhere!


2.   “6 & Unders…Please report to the clerk of course!”

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Matt Kredich Talks Meet Central™


Matt Kredich, the University of Tennessee Head Coach, has incredible things to say about Meet Central. With 20+ years of coaching under his belt, coach Kredich knows the ins and outs of swimming, from summer league to the international level. Recently, we asked him what he thought about Meet Central and how he thinks it can improve summer league swimming. Continue reading Matt Kredich Talks Meet Central™