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20 Things Swim Coaches Hear at Practice

Coaching a team of swimmers is a lot of fun, but with so many kids, you’re bound to hear the same questions and comments a few times each practice. As frustrating as it may be, they’re probably the same questions that you asked your swim coach over and over when you were younger. How many have you heard?

1. “Can you help me put my cap on?”

2. “What are we doing today?”

3. “Can we play games?”

4. “We should do relays today!”

5. “I have a cramp.”

6. “Can I go first?”

7. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

8. “Do we have to do butterfly?”

9. “Can I go fill up my water bottle?”

10. “I’m tired.”

11. “What time is it?”

12. “Is this our last set?”

13. “Can we do drills?”

14. “Are we doing starts and turns today?

15. “How many laps is that?”

16. “When do we leave?”

17. “Can you time me?”

18. “If I do a 25 no breath, can I get out early?”

19. “My goggles broke, can you fix them?”

20. “Is this stroke or freestyle?”


Did we miss any? What are other things you hear at practice from your swimmers?